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Located in Clayville, Olifantsfontein, our 2000 square metre deboning and processing plant is able to debone and process 200 carcasses a day. Our staff complement of over 40 skilled people are devoted to producing an extensive range of meat products.

PPM currently processes beef, lamb, poultry and pork products at the facility, along with a few other complimentary non-meat related products. The plant also packages and processes offal products related to these lines.


Starting with our roots: The original Hurlyvale Fresh Meat Supply was established in 1989 in Hurlyvale, Johannesburg, by two brothers Jerko and Ivan Puljevic.  In the 25 years since its inception the company built a solid reputation within the meat community.

Currently trading as PPM, the company is a partnership between, Progeny Resources Group and Specirox Pty Ltd. The joint venture brought together the feedlotting experience of Progeny with the hands-on wholesale knowledge of Hurlyvale Fresh Meat Supply

PPM is run by a core team of highly experienced and dedicated people, who are 100% committed to providing outstanding quality with every single order.

PPM currently services a select market of butcheries, retailers, and restaurants in and around Gauteng. Coming soon to consumers directly.

For almost three decades , PPM has grown from strength to strength, and the potential for further growth is vast. Our vision is to be the leading wholesale meat supplier in the country – offering superior distinction at every step of the fresh meat supply process.

Progeny Premium Meats (PPM) has dedicated itself to the craft and mastery of high quality meat. At PPM we believe in excellence, value for money and an enduring commitment to ensuring that our customers get only the best fresh meat products.

As a result we are a wholesale meat supply company that is involved in the entire meat supply process and can guarantee outstanding quality and excellence every step of the way – from farm to fork. This gives PPM a competitive edge that’s hard to ‘meat’.



For over 25 years we’ve built a solid reputation of supplying the highest quality of meat and related products in the industry


We supply fresh meat and meat products throughout South Africa


We’re actively involved in the entire meat supply process, and can guarantee excellence every step of the way – from farm to fork


PPM is Level 1 BBBEE compliant company and is set to grab the meat industry by the horns


You’ll find PPM meat being served in some of the finest establishments in Gauteng – it’s the mark of quality that distinguishes good from great